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Division of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

 Leadership, Opportunity, and Empowerment

The Division of Student Affairs at MCLA supports the mission of the College providing a central focus on students and their development and employs the College strategic plan as a guide.


  • complementing the academic experience and encouraging academic achievement;
  • providing direction for out-of-classroom learning;
  • helping students to develop self-responsibility and respect for self and others;
  • working with students to build a campus community that is both supportive and inclusive;
  • creating experiences that expose students to new ways of thinking and living;
  • encouraging personal growth through the development of academic, social skills, ethics, and overall wellness;
  • developing opportunities for students to learn and practice leadership skills;
  • assisting students with transition and adjustment issues;
  • engaging students in local and national service opportunities; and
  • providing opportunities for learning and goal achievement peer-led programs.



As we work together to accomplish our mission, we are mindful about the values that underpin our practices. These values are as important as the goals themselves. With that in mind, in an effort to maximize the development of the students with whom we work, we are committed to:

  • promoting a safe and healthy campus environment;
  • recognizing and celebrating diversity with awareness of social justice;
  • serving as positive role models;
  • involving students in the process;
  • providing a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive;
  • assuring the presence of high quality, dynamic student services that are responsive to  student needs;
  • working collaboratively with other divisions of the College and the local community;
  • allowing students to engage in reasonable challenges; and
  • engaging in professional organizations and employing best practices.  



Student Development - Cultivate and directly support students' development as self-directed, intellectually curious learners, and as healthy, competent, socially, environmentally, and civically aware citizens.

Building Community - Foster a safe, open, and welcoming community that supports and nurtures the healthy development and sense of belonging of all members of the campus community. Consider ways to reduce our carbon footprint and be mindful of resource conservation practices.

Diversity - Strive to build an inclusive and socially just community. Foster diversity by attracting, hiring, and retaining exceptional students and staff of all backgrounds. We engage these efforts to enrich the campus living and learning environment.

Organizational & Professional Development - Model in ourselves the behavior and values we expect of our students. Learn and grow even as we teach and serve; and work collaboratively with students and colleagues in achieving our shared vision.

Excellent Service - Treat our students, faculty, staff, and parents with care and respect by holding ourselves to a standard of excellent service in all that we do. Offer programs and services that help our students navigate and complete their undergraduate and graduate experience while deriving the greatest value from their MCLA education.