WJJW programming schedule Summer 2017


91.1 FM,, 413-662-5110


WJJW operates with an abbreviated schedule in summer; in September we’ll be back with a full programming schedule



2 pm – 4 pm: Play Morricone For  Me with Jack Criddle

A mix of motion picture soundtracks, from high art to low schlock


4 pm – 6 pm: The Musical Thingarium with John Seven

If you think music is best enjoyed as a journey without labels, then experience the Musical Thingarium as it wraps multiple eras and genres around themselves in a way that you never know what to expect next



9 pm – 12 am: Metalheart with Micky

Join the doctor of rock, the surgeon general of metal, for three hours of the most unique, unusual, and unpredictable rock radio on the air anywhere today. Old, new, classic and obscure ... you’ll hear it here first



9 am – 12 pm: FolKenS.uch with Ken Swiatek

A blend of old and new folk, singer-songwriter, folk rock, and blues since 1996


12 pm – 2 pm: Metal Heart 2.0 with Micky

 It's all killer and no filler as the mad doctor himself condenses Friday night’s three-hour show into a two-hour extrava-gonzo! Can’t be done, you say? Tune in and find out how


9:30 pm – 12 am: The Other Show featuring Deftki! with Tim Clark

High-energy mix of electronica, dubstep, trap, electro-swing and more



10 am - 12 pm: Ry-Guy Polka Time with Ryan Pause

Get your Polka dancing shoes on and get ready to Roll out the Barrel, and don't worry about Who Stole The Kishka


2 pm – 4 pm:  Auditory Epiphanies feat. Hugo with Epiphany Thomas and Hugo Seven

Two best friends introduce each other and their listeners to their favorite music


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