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Undergraduate Experience

First Days: We welcome you to campus during First Days by helping you move into your residence hall and get acquainted with new classmates.

Convocation: The official beginning of your academic career and your acceptance into the MCLA community of learners.

First Year Reading: Every summer, the first-year class is encouraged to read the same book that serves as the basis for several events when the term begins in September.

Core Curriculum: Our core curriculum combines the strong foundation of a traditional curriculum with alternative paths that strengthen your skills.

Internships: Internships give you practical experience to complement your classroom learning.

Service Learning: Apply knowledge gained in classes to real-life situations by helping to address pressing needs in the community or by supporting a campus initiative.

Travel Courses: Our travel courses are academic courses that also meet regularly on campus before and following travel to places like England, Ireland, and Japan.

Undergraduate Research: Our Undergraduate Research Program encompasses independent scholarly activity by students in the arts, humanities, and sciences. We celebrate this research at a year-end conference.

Honors Program: Highly motivated students can take advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities by joining the honors program.

Commencement: After all your hard work, walk through the gates again and celebrate with your friends and family!