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Service Learning

The Center for Service helps identify community service opportunities, where you can use your skills and energy to benefit others. The Center also encourages students to partake in service learning, where community service is integrated with academics and reflection, providing a richer experience.
In the past nine years, over 1,700 MCLA students have completed 19,395 service learning hours for 29 professors, in over 100 engaging courses. These students have helped identify and solve pressing community needs, worked with and learned from community leaders, and enriched their academic learning.

Service Learning Courses

Here's a sample of the more common service learning classes and projects.  Download the full list.

SOWK 355 Service Learning and Social Work 

SOWK 241 Introduction to Social Work

SOCI 341  Social Stratification

CCCL 100 Computing and Communication

CCAP 300 Capstone Seminar 

ENVI 101  Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVI 320  Methods in Environmental Research

ENGL 396 Public Relations

CSCI 101 Computer Science

AMGT 430 Arts Management

Service Learning Advisory Committee

The MCLA Service Learning Advisory Committee promotes, guides, and oversees service learning at MCLA. The core committee is comprised of Deans and Vice Presidents from Academic and Student Affairs, faculty service learning coordinators, the coordinator of the Center for Service and Citizenship, student representatives, and critical community partners. The committee meets once a month and is integral in advancing service learning on campus.

USE TeachingService Learning Operations Committee

This small group meets several times a month to supervise details of service learning at MCLA. The Operations Committee trains new faculty, sends faculty to regional service learning conferences, provides curriculum support to faculty, provides grants for course development, and connects service learning students to community projects.


Service Learning Faculty Resources

    Service Learning 101: Gain an introduction and overview of service learning from Faculty Service Learning Coordinators, the Coordinator of the Center for Service and Citizenship, or members of the Service Learning Operations Team.

    Course Development: Receive assistance defining specific academic service learning possibilities for your class and incorporating service learning into your syllabus.

    Workshops, conferences, manuals: You are encouraged, and often financially supported, to attend service learning workshops, conferences, and luncheons on and off campus. A comprehensive 70-page guidebook is available, as well as other handouts that you can use in planning, implementing, and evaluating service learning coursework.

    Grants: You can access many grants to support your service learning interests. Additionally, there are community service scholarships students can obtain to support their service learning. Connect with any of the service learning contacts below to receive more information.

    MCLA Service Learning Contacts

    Sumi Colligan, Ph.D., Professor
    Department of Sociology

    Elizabeth Hartung, Ph.D., Professor
    Department of Mathematics

    Spencer Moser, Coordinator
    Center for Service and Citizenship


    Learn more about the Center For Service.