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Travel Course

TRVL-300 - Business In/With China

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Join us for a 10 day multinational, historical, and cultural tour of China from  March 10 to 19, 2011.  This 3 credit travel course in offered in conjunction with the SHANGHAI INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE (SIFT).  Our tour of China will include visits to Beijing, Xian, Suzhou and Shanghai.  The cost is $ 2700.00 and includes all accommodations, Chinese Visa and travel arrangements.

Course Description

China as a emerging giant with a history as long as over 5000 years, contains 1/14 of the world's land area, about the same size as USA and is the most populated country on earth with its 1.3 billion people. Since its economic reform and opening up to the outside world policy that started in 1979, it has attracted more and more attention of other countries and regions throughout the world. This course will take you through various economic, social and business issues that have been taking place in China with an in-depth look at their implications and impacts on China and the rest of the world, with the result of giving you a better understanding and profound knowledge about Chinese culture, economy and the way Chinese people think and act in business.

Course Objectives

By the completion of this study tour experience, student should be able to:

  1. Have an appreciation and understanding of Chinese history, culture, the structure of its political and economic system, its social structure, conventions and social ethics.
  2. Discuss the role that China plays in the world arena.
  3. Appreciate the idea of inter-dependence of countries in the small village of this world.
  4. Think critically about the economic and social impacts of China's economic reform, and impact of Globalization.
  5. Have skills in web based & multimedia collaboration; experience in organizing team efforts and managing joint accountability; increased skills in research and presentation.
  6. Form an international vision for the future.

 Course Outline

  1. Getting to know China
  3. Economic reform & GDP growth
  5. One-child policy and its social & economic impacts
  7. Urbanization & related issues
  8. Foreign trade & economic relations
  9. Two oriental pearls: Hong Kong & Shang Hai
  10. Doing business in / with China: Chinese business cultural & etiquettes

Essential Information

Download the full course packet, including the itinerary, syllabus and travel expense sheet.  Don't forget to download the the Visa Application Form.

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Thoughts & Reflections

"The relationship  between the United States and China will shape the 21st century" President Obama

China Experience is Dedicated to the Memory of My Son, Solomon Sharone Cyrus Jochnowitz-Kahn

"I Want to Live, Go to College, and Help People to Make This World A Better Place." Sol-2006