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China - Resources

Chinese History Search
The University of California, Dad Diego, maintains this site that provides book reviews, critical essays, bibliography data, and China-related Web sites on Chinese history and culture.

Chinese Art
This is an on-line journal featuring articles and exhibitions of Asian art.

Inside China Today
Part of the European Information Network, this site provides headline news, government, and related sites about Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan

Asia Source
From this site it is possible to access a number of resources that include current news, business data, worldwide events, and articles and speeches, maps, research and reference data, and related links on Asia

Chinese Museums Websites
This official website of Beijing's PalaceMuseum includes on-line exhibitions and links to other Chinese museums, including the ShanghaiMuseum.

Travel in China
Read more about our travel destinations in China. This site has many journals by other travelers.

Application for Chinese Visa
You can download visa application form and read about application rules and fees.

State Department Information
This site has the State Department's consular information sheets and travel warnings. There is information on consular access, medical facilities, and health and safety issues.