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Biology Faculty 

Dr. Ann Billetz

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Post-Doctoral Fellowship
1998 - 2002 Lerner Research Institute

Ph.D., Cleveland State University, 1998
Major: Regulatory Biology

M.S., Cleveland State University, 1994 
Major: Biology

B.S., Walsh College, 1992
Major: Biology 

Courses at MCLA:
Introduction To Biology
- Introductory course for majors, and part of the core curriculum.

Cell Biology - One of two senior level required biology courses, average class size: 10 students.

Microbiology - A requirement for Health Science concentrations, class focuses on prokaryotes (bacteria). Average class size: 6 students. 

Parasitology - An upper level elective, focusing on parasites. Average class size: 6 students.

Human Biology - A lower level component of the core curriculum. Average class size: 20 students.

Coordinator of the Pre-Professional Studies, Allied Health, Pre-Occupational Therapy, and Medical Technology programs.

College Community
I am an honorary member and Faculty Representative of the First Year Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta and serve as a committee member on the Institutional Review Board, All-College Committee, and Student Research/Creative Project Committee. I also serve as the Advisor for the Biology Club.

I have two ongoing research projects. The first is Enology. Our lab employs a variety of methods in the identification of yeast speciation including morphological characteristics, fermentation studies, and molecular techniques (Polymerase Chain Reaction and Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms). The goals are to identify yeast naturally occurring at regional wineries, to determine if they vary from region to region, and to give the wineries information that can be utilized to enhance flavor and production.

The second involves the protozoan parasites Trichomonas vaginalis and Tritrichomonas foetus. These parasites cause trichomoniasis in human and cattle, respectively. Human trichomoniasis is the most prevalent nonviral sexually transmitted disease in the world. Our lab employs biochemical and molecular techniques to study the metabolic pathways of these organisms to gave knowledge which may be applied to chemotherapy.

Student researchers have presented their work at the MCLA Undergraduate Research Conference and at regional American Society of Microbiology conferences.


Office: CSI 208D
Phone: 413.662.5345


Office hours: M 2:00-2:50, T 1:30-2:30, F 10:00-11:00



Wildey GM, Billetz AC, Matyas JR, Adams ME, McDevitt CA (2001) Absolute concentrations of mRNA for type I and VI collagen in the canine meniscus in normal and ACL-deficient knee joints obtained by RNase protection assay. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 19:650-658

Biagini GA, Yarlett N, Ball GE, Billetz AC, Lindmark DG, Martinex MP, Lloyd D, Edwards MR (2002) Bacterial-like energy metabolism in the amitochondriate protozoan Hexamita inflata. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 128:11-19


Davis H, Deeter H, Sherwood B, Pivarski K, Billetz AC (2005) Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Native Yeast Populations from Lincoln and Adams, Massachusetts. American Society of Microbiology Connecticut Valley Regional Meeting, New Haven, CT.

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McDevitt CA, Li H-S, Prajapate RT, Zaramo C, Cutrone R, Billetz AC (2000) The fibrochondron: The cell-pericellular matrix complex of fibrocartilage. Federation of the European Connective Tissue Societies, Abstract #B8, Patras, Greece.

Billetz AC, Lindmark DG, Yarlett N (1997) Detection of the arginine dihydrolase Pathway and other selected enzyme activities in Hexamita inflata. Protozoology, Abstract #21, Kingston, RI.

Billetz AC, Lindmark DG (1996) Purification and characterization of ornithine carbamyltransferase from Tritrichomonas foetus. Protozoology, Abstract #33, Tucson, AZ.