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Pre-Professional Studies Concentration

The Pre-Professional concentration provides the solid science background needed for admission to professional programs such as medical, dental, veterinarian school, and pharmacy. In addition to coursework, you are strongly encouraged to gain experience in your chosen field through undergraduate research, clinical internships, and volunteer work. 

You can simultaneously complete your senior year of undergraduate study and your first year of podiatric medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM). MCLA counts credits from NYCPM toward the Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Please contact Dr. Ann Billetz for more information about this program. 


The five foundational courses (BIOL 101, 150, 235, 240, and 245)

Animal Physiology (BIOL 310)

Biochemistry (BIOL 360)

Cell Biology (BIOL 480) 

Bioloby Seminar (BIOL 330)

Introduction to Chemistry I and II (CHEM 150 and 152)

General Physics I and II (PHYS 131 and 132)

Organic Chemistry I and II (CHEM 201 and 202) 

Six credits of upper level elective Biology courses

Either Pre-Calculus (MATH 150), or Calculus (MATH 220)
or Intro to Statistics (MATH 232)

Recommended Courses

Calculus (MATH 220), if not taken above

Statistics (MATH 232), if not taken above

Microbiology (BIOL 320)

Two semesters of English

Ethics courses