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Business Administration Faculty 

Edward Miano

Management, Accounting

Office Hours
Mon/Wed 12:00-1:00;
Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:30

B.S. Montclair State College,
Montclair, NJ M.B.A. Pace University, NY

Courses Taught
BADM 201: Business Law I:
Develops an in-depth understanding of the American Law Institute's Second Restatement of Contracts and the Second Restatement of Agency and relevant provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code.

BADM 242: The Legal and Social Environment of Business: Introduces government regulation of individuals and businesses. The Constitution, statutes, and adjudicated cases will be used extensively to illustrate the history, philosophy, structure, processes, and controls of state and federal regulatory systems overeconomic, social, and individual activities.

BADM 303: Business Law II: Continues the study of business law focusing on sales transactions and their connection with the Uniform Commercial Code. Legal aspects of secured transactions, commercial paper, bailments, and carriers are also studied.

BADM 361: Organizational Behavior: Explores the study of group behavior in various organizational settings through the study of organizational theories of structure, culture motivation, communication, and group dynamics. Cases and/or group activities are used to illustrate the application of theory to actual organizational scenarios.

BADM 362: Human Resource Management: Examines and analyzes personnel functions of staffing, developing, compensating, and motivating. Specific techniques within each function are explored in detail. Emphasizes the legal environment in which the human resource manager operates.

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