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Chemistry Faculty

Dr. David Levine

David LevineEducation

Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. Chemistry

University of Southern California
M. Sc. Chemistry

Tufts University
B. Sc. Chemistry

Courses Taught

Chem150 Introduction to Chemistry I: A study of chemical principles, including electronic and nuclear behavior, periodicity, stoichiometry, acid and bases, structure and bonding, thermodynamics kinetics and equilibrium. Typically taken by students wishing to become science majors(typical enrollment is 30).

CH152 Introduction to Chemistry II: Continues on the principles discussed in CH150 (typical enrollment is 25)

CH310 Analytical Chemistry: A study of the classic and modern methods of chemical analysis. This course places an emphasis on titration, equilibrium and instrumental methods of analysis (typical enrollment is 6)


Office: CSI 308A
Phone: 413.662.5447