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Internships & Careers

Chemistry is often referred to as the "central" science. In that role, chemistry connects physics and mathematics with biology, medicine, and environmental sciences. Biotechnology, art conservation, medical research, and forensics are also paths that Chemistry graduates can take. Many bachelors' level chemists begin their career as "bench chemists" and then earn M.B.A. degrees, effectively combining their chemical knowledge with sales, management, and marketing skills. Similarly, you can complement an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a law degree to practice patent law.

When you graduate with a degree in Chemistry, you're ready either for graduate school or the work force. Recent MCLA graduates are attending Clark University and University of Vermont. One of our current students is working part time at Oraceutical in Lee, a company that develops next-generation products for use in dental offices.

With the knowledge gained by earning a Chemistry degree, you have opportunities for jobs in many fields, including:




Chemical Engineering

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Law

Food Chemistry






Space Exploration


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