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JacquesEnglish / Communications Faculty

Ben Jacques, Professor

M.A., University of Arizona, 1975
B.A., California State College, 1969

Office Hours
M/W 11-12; T/R: 10-11

Writing (non-fiction), editing and design, public relations

This campus is a great place for someone who believes in integrating English and communications. As a writer and teacher, I've been able to teach to my strengths in creative nonfiction and journalism, and to design courses in literature and the humanities.

My graduate work was in English literature and creative writing. I've also worked as a reporter and director of communications, which has given me experience in editing and design.

I have designed several courses: The Story of English, which traces the development of English as literature, history and culture; Whitman, Williams & Roethke, which follows the main currents of New World poetry flowing from the work of Walt Whitman, and The Good Earth, a survey of the agrarian theme in literature and arts, a Core Curriculum Creative Arts class. I also teach Magazine Writing and Publication Design & Typography, and, as my students will tell you, can get passionate about the beauty of a particular type face.

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