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McRaeEnglish / Communication Faculty

Jeff McRae, Instructor

M.F.A. , Washington Univ. (St. Louis), 2001
M.A., Univ. of New Hampshire, 1999
B.A., Univ. of New Hampshire, 1995

Office Hours
Tues., Thurs.: 1-3 and by appointment.

20th century American poetry, creative writing, the prose poem, literary surrealism, and composition

After early success in the hammer toss at the Barcelona Olympics I gave up professional athletics to take up poetry writing and jazz drumming which I did from the tree boughs and street corners, respectively. Eventually, the allure of graduate school beckoned and I earned advanced degrees in writing from the University of New Hampshire and Washington University. However, the government finally caught up with me one fall afternoon just outside of Stockholm and I've been forced to hide out in Bennington, Vermont with my "cat" and "girlfriend" the past three years. This past summer I repainted our house so good luck finding it.

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