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English/Communications Faculty 

Jenifer Augur


Assistant Professor

M.F.A. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2000
M.A., University of West Georgia, 1987.
B.A., Long Island University, 1982.

Office Hours
MW 2-4 TR 12-2 and by appointment.

Composition, writing, journalism 

With a MA in Humanistic Psychology and a MFA in Creative Writing (fiction), Jenifer teaches writing using interdisciplinary, "humanistic" methods that honor the imperfect PROCESS of creating (as well as the Sisyphean desire to create a perfect product). Having to learn these lessons herself, of course, Jenifer has written rough drafts of both a memoir and a novel that are quite imperfect but bursting with potential. Two excerpts from the novel have been published in The Berkshire Review, one in the form of a poem. She enjoys living a rugged lifestyle, chainsawing her own firewood and mowing "the meadow."

Mark Hopkins 109C | 413-662-5127 | e-mail Jenifer Augur