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History Major Description and Requirements

We offer a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in History. Following completion of foundation courses, you can pursue different fields of history depending on your intellectual and career interests. 

Total Credits for a Major in History: 46

Foundation Courses (24 credits)

Pre-Modern Civilization (HIST 103)

Modern World Civilization (HIST 104)

United States History to 1877 (HIST 203)

United States History after 1877 (HIST 204)

Research and Bibliography (HIST 200)

Historiography (HIST 205)

US Government and Public Policy (POSC 201)

Comparative Government and Public Policy (POSC 202)

Junior-Level Requirements (12 credits)

Choose four (4):

Topics in European History (HIST 305)

Topics in Asian History (HIST 310)

Topics in United States History (HIST 320)

Topics in Latin American History (HIST 330)

Topics in the History of the Middle East and the Muslim World
(HIST 340) or Topics in African History (HIST 350)

Senior-Level Requirements (10 credits)

Career and ePortfolio Workshop (HIST 450) 1 credit

Two 400-level seminars chosen from:

Seminar in Historical Periods (HIST 401)

Seminar in Issues in History (HIST 403)

One of the following:

One additional 400-level seminar

Senior Thesis (HIST 405)

Internship in History (HIST 540)