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Political Science and Public Policy Major Description and Requirements

This major combines the study of government and the political process with an academic and practical understanding of the creation and implementation of public policies. This unique program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of governments, politics, and policy at local, state, national, and international levels.

Total Credits for a Major in Political Science and Public Policy: 46

Required Foundation Courses

US Government & Public Policy (POSC 201)

Comparative Government & Public Policy (POSC 202)

International Relations (POSC 205)

Political Science Research & Methods (POSC 210)

United State History to 1877 (HIST 203)

United States History after 1877 (HIST 204)

Upper Level Requirements (7 credits)

Seminar in Problems in Political Science (POSC 401-402) or Seminar in Public Policy (POSC 403)

Internship in Political Science & Public Policy (POSC 540)

Career and ePortfolio Workshop (POSC 450) 1 credit

Upper Level Electives (21 credits required)--choose from:

Macroeconomics (ECON 141)
Environmental Law (ENVI 340)

Politics & News Media in America (POSC 300)

Topics in Political Science (POSC 315)

Inequality & Social Policy (POSC 340/SOWK 340)

Teaching Assistantship in Political Science (POSC 510)

Internship in Political Science (POSC 540; in addition to required 3-credit internship)

Social & Political Philosophy (PHIL 360)

Introduction to Statistics (MATH 232)

Politics & Environmental Policy (ENVI 310)

Constitutional Law (POSC 304)

Topics in Public Policy (POSC 316)

Africa (POSC 331)

Directed Independent Study (POSC 500)