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French Concentration

You can incorporate French within an Interdisciplinary Studies major, with a concentration in French. Because Interdisciplinary Studies majors choose two concentrations, you can combine disciplines such as Spanish, Sociology, Business Administration, Economics, English/Communications, or Fine and Performing Arts, as well as a Teaching Certification program. 

The requirements are the same as for any Interdisciplinary Studies concentration: a maximum of 6 credits of lower division courses and 9 credits of upper division courses in French. Interdisciplinary Studies majors also take four Interdisciplinary Studies courses. We highly recommend study abroad.

Lower Division Courses in French

At MCLA, we offer the full elementary and intermediate sequences in French. In only four semesters, you learn to communicate effectively in speech and writing. Additionally, you learn about a variety of French speaking cultures such as the Franco-Americans of New England and the French Canadians of Quebec. Finally, you develop strong linguistic skills in both French and English that can help you succeed in your future studies and in the job market. 

Elementary French I (FREN 101)

Elementary French II (FREN 102)

Intermediate French I (FREN 201)

Intermediate French II (FREN 202)

Upper Division Courses in French

Teaching Assistantship in Modern Language (MODL 495): MCLA offers French students the unique opportunity to work as Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the language classroom. This opportunity is often available only at the graduate level in most colleges and universities in the U.S. Students receive 3 credits by enrolling in MODL 495, and assist the course instructor by: collecting and checking student workbooks, recording attendance and grades, and facilitating discussion in class. TAs also have the chance to build their teaching skills by giving one-on-one help to students. Usually, students who receive a TAship in the department are committed to helping others, and often have an interest in pursuing a teaching career. 

Independent Study in Modern Language (MODL 500): Independent studies are a great option for juniors and seniors who wish to read a given area of French literature or study a topic in depth. With the help of your advisor, you can design a course based on your strengths and specific interests. Written reports and frequent meetings with your advisor are required. You can repeat this course for credit with a change of content. 

Study Abroad: You can earn credits while improving your French skills and gaining knowledge of French-speaking cultures by spending a semester, a summer, or a year in a French-speaking country or region such as France or Quebec. Interdisciplinary Studies majors with a concentration in Language Studies (French) are especially encouraged to study abroad to perfect their language skills.

Cross Registration at Williams College: You may also take courses in French by cross registering at Williams College, conveniently located only a few miles from campus. They offer a broad range of courses that you can take for the price of MCLA tuition.

For more information: To learn more about the opportunities and events, contact Professor Louis Stelling