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                                         Philosophy Faculty

                                         Matthew R. Silliman




AboutMatt Silliman:

Matt Silliman has taught philosophy at MCLA since 1986.




Ph.D., Purdue University, 1986
B.A., Earlham College, 1979


Areas of Specialization:

Social and Political Philosophy; Ancient Greek Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Moral Theory.


Selected Publications: 

Bridges to the World: a Dialogue on the Construction of Knowledge, Education, and Truth, with David Johnson (Sense Publishers, 2009).


Sentience and Sensibility; a Conversation about Moral Philosophy (Parmenides Publishing, 2006).


"Is Equality a Moral Concept?" forthcoming in Gender, Inequality, and Social Justice (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2009).


"Tortured Ethics" (with David K. Johnson), in International Law and Justice, ( Philosophy Documentation Center , 2008).


"Two Cheers for Reductionism," in Science, Technology, and Social Justice (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2007).


"Living Democracy despite the Rule of Law: Civil Disobedience as Political Narrative," in Problems for Democracy (Philosophy of Peace/Value Inquiry Book series, Rodopi, 2006), 159-167.


"Call me Moby" The Mind's Eye (2005).


"Weighing Evils; Political Violence and Democratic Deliberation," in War and Terrorism, ( Philosophy Documentation Center , 2004).


"Structural Racism and the Failure of Empathetic Imagination," in Theory and Practice in Education (fall 2003).


"The Anti-Theorist's Paradox:  Dialogue with a Rortian" (with David K. Johnson), in Cultural Integrity and World Community (Edwin Mellen Press, 1999).


"The Closing of the Professorial Mind; a meditation on Plato and Allan Bloom," Educational Theory (winter 1990), pp. 147-151.



Selected Courses:

Socrates' Athens 
Love and Justice
World Religions
Contemporary Legal Philosophy
Moral Theory
History of Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Owning and Belonging
Enlightenment Philosophy
Women and Philosophy
Philosophy and Literature
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophical Dialogue
Ancient Greek Philosophy




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