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"The Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work Department at MCLA provides a supportive atmosphere that enables students to ask questions, seek answers, and explore multiple perspectives. The faculty are accessible and offer encouraging mentorship for students who hope to pursue graduate education and professional development."  Brittny Kissinger '12, accepted into a Ph.D. program in Sociology at Cornell University

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at MCLA


Sociology Our interdisciplinary department is committed to helping you develop an understanding of society, cultures around the world, human behavior in all its diversity, and the ways in which social groups respond to and are transformed by local and global forces.


Why MCLA is Different

SociologyThrough the classroom experience, ethnographic fieldwork, internships, service learning, research, and independent study, you examine your values and begin to understand how you can bring about change in your local environment and throughout the world.

Our faculty members take pride in providing multiple learning opportunities whether you are interested in criminal justice, anthropology, social policy, sociological research, women's studies, child and family studies, gerontology, community organizing, counseling, social work, law, business, or government. We help you think critically, solve problems, speak and write well, and empathize with those who are different from you. 

Our program emphasizes both scientific and humanistic methods of inquiry and provides insight into peoples of the world, children, families, social classes, pregnant teens, the elderly, and many other groups. You are encouraged to integrate formal instruction with supervised activities such as internships in social agencies, research in the local community, service learning experiences, and attendance at professional meetings.

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Student Learning Outcomes of Academic Programs


Internships & Careers

Dr. Susan Birns