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Michelle EthierSociology Faculty

Michele Ethier

Curriculum Vitae 

M.S.W., State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.A., State University of New York t Stony Brook   
B.A., University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Social Work Skills
Women and Health
Social Work Administration
Social Casework
Casework with Couples and Families
Women, Movies and MTV
Introduction to Women's Studies

Special Interests     
clinical social work
women's studies
teen pregnancy
emotional abuse
crisis intervention
clinical practice with adolescents and families
popular culture

About Me

Michelle Ethier

I was drawn to social work because of my interest in working with teenagers, women, and the poor.  The fact that social work addresses sexism, racism, and economic inequality is important to me.  Although I primarily teach clinical social work courses, I also offer two sociology courses and several courses within the women's studies program. 

My research interests are varied and include systems of oppression and privilege, feminist identity development, emotional abuse, crisis intervention, gender socialization  and popular culture.

My teaching philosophy is to inspire students to work for social justice in any capacity that suits them.  I try to create an open and supportive classroom environment and I use role plays, discussion, experiential exercises, props, films, and music as teaching tools.  My goal is to challenge and motivate students to become excited about the topics we explore.  A number of students I have had the pleasure to teach have gone on to achieve graduate degrees and/or pursue rewarding careers in social work, counseling, corrections, advocacy, and women's services.

(413) 662-5182 | Email Michele Ethier