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Sociology Faculty

MullerNancy Muller

Curriculum Vitae
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts/Amherst
M.A., University of Massachusetts/Amherst
B.A., Keene State college

Peoples of the World
Peoples of the Caribbean
Peoples of Africa
Native American Peoples

About Me
Presently I am conducting ethnographic research in Barbados, West Indies.  The group I am working with is a religious sect that uses African ethnicity as a point of entry for the recovery of an African identity.  As the descendents of former African slaves, the Spiritual Baptists have created a unique form of worship including African dance, Old Testament mysticism and Afro-centrism in their services. 

My anthropological field work includes: an historical archeological examination of
W.E. B. Du Bois boyhood home in Great Barrington, MA, applied anthropology in an inner city public housing project in Philadelphia with the highest infant mortality rate in the U.S.,  travel as an ethnographer to Nicaragua, cultural coordinator for the Women's International League for Peace and  Freedom in Bolivia, and documentary research at the British Library on the Triangular Atlantic Slave trade.

My teaching style is one of affirmation and understanding. This does not mean that students are not challenged in my classroom. I think that anthropology offers a unique perspective on the human experience and gives students the tools to understand all cultures as well as their own.  I enjoy the Vermont landscape and growing medicinal herbs.

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