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Reports and Issue Papers


Berkshire Compact Reports

Collaboration, Opportunity, and Achievement, Berkshire Compact update report, 2013

Berkshire Compact progress report:  "Partnerships, Programs, and Progress:  an update on the Berkshire Compact"

Berkshire Compact Full Report

Berkshire County Quaglia Middle School Report

Berkshire County Quaglia High School Report

Internships in Berkshire County, Final Report

Towards an Informed Discussion on How Best to Organize School Districts in Berkshire County
A Resource Document Highlighting Key Lessons from the Research Literature and Selected Data Sources by UMass Donahue Institute. 

Labor Market Developments in the Berkshire County Workforce Area, Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University

Other Reports and Issue Papers

Trends in College Pricing, 2013

Trends in Student Aid, 2013

How much protection does a college degree afford?
The Pew Charitable Trusts, January 2013

Time to Lead:  The Need for Excellence in Public Higher Education,
MA Department of Higher Education, September 2012

Trends in Public Higher Education, College Board Advocacy and Policy Center, May 2012

Goals for the Common Good:  Exploring the Impact of Education,
A joint publication of the American Human Development Project and the United Way

Ready for 21st Century Success:  The New Promise of Public Education

Help Wanted:  Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018

Education Pays, 2010