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Mary K. Grant, Ph.D.
B.A., North Adams State College, 1983
M.S., University of Massachusetts, 1986
Ph.D., Brandeis University, 2000
(413) 662-5201

Vice President For Academic Affairs

Cynthia F. Brown
A.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1983
A.M., Bryn Mawr College, 1984
Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1992
(413) 662-5242

Vice President For Administration And Finance

James A. Stakenas
B.M.E., Central Michigan University, 1975
M.M., Central Michigan University, 1979
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1985
(413) 662-5245

Executive Vice President For Enrollment Management And External Relations

Denise Richardello
B.S., North Adams State College, 1977
M.Ed., North Adams State College, 1981
(413) 662-5201

Vice President for Student Affairs

Charlotte F. Degen
B.A., North Adams State College, 1973
M.Ed., Springfield College, 1974
CAGS, University of Massachusetts, 1994
(413) 662-5231

Chief Advancement Officer, Institutional Advancement

Marianne Drake
R.N., Mercy Hospital, 1972
B.A., Smith College, 1993
(413) 662-5229

Chief Information Officer

Curt R. King
B.S., State University of New York, Fredonia, 1982
MBA., State University of New York, Empire State College, 2012
(413) 662-5062

Dean Of Academic Affairs

Monica Joslin
B.S., University of Oslo, Norway
M.S., University of Oslo, Norway, 1978
Ph.D., State University of New York, Albany, 1983
(413) 662-5242

Assistant To The President

Roberta McCulloch-Dews
B.A., New York University, 2000
(413) 662-5205

Associate Dean Of Information Technology

Peter H. Allmaker
B.A., Williams College, 1974
M.Ed., Framingham State College, 1980
(413) 662-5510

Associate Dean Of Library Services

Maureen Horak
B.A., Queens University, 1968
M.L.S., State University of New York, Albany, 1997
(413) 662-5322

Admission/Enrollment Services

(413) 662-5410

Alumni And Development

Christine Naughton, Director of Alumni Relations and Development
B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 1999
(413) 662-5074


Scott F. Nichols, Director of Athletics
B.S., Boston College, 1978
M.S., California State University at Fullerton, 1988
(413) 662-5411

Assessment and Planning

Kristina Bendikas, Associate Dean for Assessment and Planning
B.A., McGill University, 1984
M.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University, 1988
Ph.D.,  University of Toronto, 1999
M.S., State University of New York, Albany, 2010
(413) 662-5526

Center for Student Success and Engagement

Suzanne Hunger, Associate Dean of CSSE
B.A., Beloit College, 1982
M.A., University of Delaware, 1985
(413) 662-5400

Kate Heekin, Assistant Director and Coordinator of Academic Support
B.A., Boston College, 1999
M.A.T., Manhattanville College, 2001
(413) 662-5309


Heidi A. Riello, Director of Counseling Services
B.A., University of Connecticut, 1995
M.S., Simmons College, 2000
(413) 662-5331

Facilities Management

Charles L. Kimberling, Director of Facilities Management
B.S., Regis University, 1994
(413) 662-5099

Financial Aid

Elizabeth Petri, Director of Financial Aid
A.A., Berkshire Community College, 1977
B.S., North Adams State College, 1979
M.Ed., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 1998
(413) 662-5219

Graduate And Continuing Education

Howard 'Jake' Eberwein, Dean
B.A., Skidmore College, 1987
M.Ed., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 2003
Ed.D., University of Massachusetts, 2008
(413) 662-5543

Health Services

(413) 662-5421

Human Resources & Payroll Services

MaryEllen Olenyk, Director of Human Resources
B.A., State University of New York, Albany
(413) 662-5560

Institutional Research

Jason Canales, Institutional Research Analyst
B.S., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 2000
(413) 662-5413

Public Relations

Bernadette G. Lupo, Director of Marketing and Communications
B.A., Framingham State College, 2002
(413) 662-5203

Public Safety

Joseph W. Charon, Director of Public Safety
A.S., Berkshire Community College, 1996
B.A., Anna Maria College, 1998
M.S., Boston University, 2004
(413) 662-5283


Steven P. King, Assistant Dean, Enrollment Services
Director of Student Records
B.A., University of Tennesee, 1981
M.Ed., University of Tennessee, 1996
(413) 662-5216

Residential Programs & Services

Dianne Manning, Director of Residential Programs & Services
B.A.,  State University of New York, Buffalo, 1977
M.Ed., State University of New York, Buffalo, 1980
(413) 662-5249

Student Accounts / Bursar

Jennifer A. Macksey, Director of Student Accounts
B.S., Trinity College, 1995
HEA, Bay Path College, 2013
(413) 662-5230


(413) 662-5206

Women's Center

Amanda Beckwith, Coordinator of Center for Service and Citizenship
and the Women's Center
B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 2003
M.Ed., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 2013
(413) 662-5521