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Tuition Remission

Full-time employees are eligible for 100 percent free (Day School) or 50 percent reduced (DGCE) tuition after six months of continuous full-time employment, as more fully described in the Department of Higher Education Tuition Remission Policy.  Spouses and dependent children (as defined in the Board's policy) are eligible for tuition benefits after the six-month waiting period. For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, contractual provisions may also govern tuition benefits.

To utilize these benefits, employees must complete a tuition waiver form, available in HRD, for each family member who will be attending a state higher education institution.  The form must be completed by the employee and signed by the immediate supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.  It is then submitted to the appropriate college with the tuition bill.  (The University of Massachusetts utilizes a different tuition waiver form than the one used for all other institutions.)

Please note that only tuition charges are waived or reduced.  Fees and housing costs must be paid in full.  It is necessary to complete new waiver forms every semester, since waivers are only honored for 120 days.  Waivers are valid for all state colleges and universities except the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Some variations on the tuition remission policy exist for unit employees and are described in each of the respective collective bargaining agreements or Board handbooks.  If you have questions concerning any of these benefits, schedule an appointment with the Director of Human Resources.