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Emergency Phone Call Procedures


In order to ensure that employees, especially those not assigned to an office or in a location close to a phone or radio, be properly informed of any emergency phone calls received from family or friends, you must follow this procedure.  It is incumbent upon the caller to notify the person receiving the call that it is an emergency situation.  The following procedures will only be used in cases of emergency.

  • Calls received by Facilities Office: Office personnel will notify employee's supervisor and Public Safety of the emergency call.  Supervisor will find the employee and personally inform him/her of the call.

  • Calls received by Public Safety Office:  Office personnel receiving the call will send a campus police officer to personally contact the employee and inform him/her of the call.

If the caller just wants to speak with the employee, but not because of an emergency, the regular procedure will be followed; i.e., supervisor is notified, who in turn notifies the employee at his or her first opportunity.