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Employee Separations

All employee separations will be coordinated through the Human Resources Office.  This will ensure the employee is in full receipt of benefits at the time of separation, the College is assured that all equipment and keys have been returned, technology access has been disconnected and managed appropriately, and that knowledge of College operations has been transferred.


Classified employees are asked to provide a minimum of two weeks' notice when they resign from their positions at the College.  Professional administrators are asked to provide one month's notice and faculty members are asked to give a full semester of notice, if possible.  An appointment with the Benefits Administrator should be arranged during the last scheduled work week.

In order to receive a refund of retirement contributions, an application for a refund must be completed upon termination.

Under the provisions of COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986), employees who leave their positions may continue health and dental insurance coverage at their own expense (full premium plus a small administrative fee) for a period of time.  Details of this option are provided to employees by the Human Resources Department during the scheduled appointment.


Employees are asked to provide the College with written notice of their intention to retire from state employment as much in advance as possible.  This request is made because of the need to begin searches as early as possible and to plan for the substantial costs to the College that result from retirement provisions such as vacation leave payments and sick leave buy backs.  (Specific notice is required under each collective bargaining agreement or Board policy to be eligible for sick leave buy back.)

Retiring employees should schedule an appointment with the State Retirement Board several months before the retirement date.  A retirement counselor will explain the various retirement options and provide an estimate of the retirement benefit the employee will receive.

An appointment with the Human Resources Department should also be scheduled to review plans for continuing insurance coverage, to obtain an estimate of sick leave buy back and, if applicable, vacation leave payoff, and to discuss other retirement-related issues.

Reductions In Workforce (Retrenchment)

If a reduction in the workforce occurs due to fiscal exigencies, reorganization or program changes, the reduction will be administered in accordance with all applicable collective bargaining agreements and Board policies.

An appointment with the Human Resources Department will be scheduled for each employee who is affected by a reduction-in-workforce.  Options for continuing insurance coverage under the provisions of COBRA and procedures for obtaining retirement contribution refunds will be explained at that time.  Estimates of final pay may also be provided.

Involuntary Separations

Employees who leave College service on an involuntary basis may apply for a refund of retirement contributions and may also be eligible to continue health insurance at their own expense under the provisions of COBRA.  An appointment with the benefits administrator in the Human Resources Department should be scheduled as soon as notice of termination is received.