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Purpose Of The Handbook & General Disclaimer

This handbook is intended as a general summary of rights, responsibilities, benefits and information for employees of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.   It describes in brief your responsibilities as an employee and provides an outline of the programs developed by MCLA to benefit employees.  More complete details of policies may be obtained from the Human Resources Department, your collective bargaining agreement, or other official College policies and procedures, as well as the College's web site. 
The handbook's provisions may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the College.  An up-to-date version will be maintained online on the MCLA Human Resources webpage.  HR will provide notices through email or campus mail; however, these changes will have effect regardless of whether any particular notice is given or received. 

The provisions of the policies contained in this handbook, and any other similar written policy or document developed or disseminated by MCLA, are designed and intended to provide guidance and information.  This handbook was prepared in accordance with MCLA's current policies, applicable collective bargaining agreements and applicable state and federal laws.  Should any information in the handbook conflict with a collective bargaining agreement or with any federal or state law, the applicable agreement or provision of law will take precedence. This handbook is not intended to substitute, replace, overrule, or modify any existing federal and state laws, agency rules, regulations or policies, or terms of a collective bargaining agreement (if relevant), nor be inclusive of every policy.  

This handbook does not supersede the collective bargaining agreements. A copy of the collective bargaining agreement (union contract) that governs your conditions of employment may be obtained through your union representative.

No provision of this handbook, or any other policy or like document developed or disseminated by MCLA, creates an employment contract, binding agreement, agreement to continue your employment, or any other obligation on the part of MCLA in regard to employment.

Employees are responsible for reading and understanding this handbook and for abiding by the College's policies and procedures.  The final interpretation of the provisions contained in this handbook and in other similar written policies or documents developed or disseminated by MCLA is the exclusive responsibility of the management of MCLA.

If you have any questions regarding this handbook, please contact the Director of Human Resources at extension 5598.