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Jury Duty

If you are called for Jury Duty, you will be allowed to take the necessary time off. As a State employee, you may be eligible for leave with pay while serving on a jury.  You must notify and provide a copy of your notice of jury duty to both your supervisor and the Human Resources Department (Time and Attendance Clerk).

On any day or half-day you are not required to serve on a jury, you will be expected to return to work.  In order to receive payment for the workday on which you performed jury duty you must present a Juror Service Certification to your supervisor who will submit it to the Attendance Clerk in the Human Resources Department. This document is issued by the court following juror service and should be given to your supervisor as soon as you receive it.  An employee who receives jury duty fees must remit these fees to the Bursar's Office.

For more information, please see your collective bargaining agreement or contact the Human Resources Department, Time and Attendance Clerk, at extension 5596.

Military Leave
The Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA) provides employment and re-employment rights to employees who leave their jobs, voluntarily or involuntarily, to serve in the military, including Reserve and National Guard service.  In accordance with the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004, MCLA will provide notice of the rights, benefits, and obligations to all persons entitled to rights and benefits under USERRA.  

In accordance with USERRA, MCLA will grant a military leave of absence to employees who are absent from work because of service in the United States uniformed services.  Employees are allowed up to five years of cumulative military leave.  Employees must give MCLA advance notice of military leave unless military necessity prevents such notice.  

Military leave will be unpaid.  Employees may, however, elect to use any available paid time off, such as vacation, for the absence.  

MCLA may fill any vacancies while employees are on military leave.

An employee on military leave for less than 30 days is required to return to work for the first regularly scheduled shift or work day after the end of his or her service, allowing for reasonable travel time.  Employees on longer military leave must apply for reinstatement in accordance with USERRA and applicable state law.

All employees returning from military leave will be promptly rehired either to the position they would have attained had they remained continuously employed by MCLA or to a comparable position depending on the length of military service in accordance with USERRA.  MCLA is excused from rehiring returning service members, or from accommodating those who sustained disabilities during service, when the difficulty or expense would cause undue hardship.  MCLA is not obligated to reinstate temporary employees or workers whose terms would have expired during leave.

MCLA will reinstate service members without any loss of seniority or benefits and all employees will be treated as if they had been continuously employed in terms of the determination of benefits.  On return from service, a service member's group health insurance coverage will be reinstated without any waiting period or exclusions for preexisting conditions, other than those that would have applied even if there had been no absence for uniformed service.  If the health plan coverage of a service member or his or her family members would terminate on account of an absence due to uniformed service, USERRA permits the service member to elect to continue the health plan coverage for up to 24 months after the absence begins, or the period of service, whichever is shorter.