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Massachusetts Maternity Law - Pregnancy - Maternity Law

Whenever an employee who has been employed with the College for at least three months becomes pregnant and requests maternity leave, she must furnish the College with a certificate from her physician stating the expected due date of her delivery.  She may continue to work so long as her physician certifies that she is able to do so. 

Maternity leave without pay will be granted for a period of up to eight weeks.  The period of leave will commence with the cessation of actual work and must conclude within eight weeks of the date of delivery.  The employee may choose to use any accumulated vacation, sick leave and/or other leave time for maternity leave purposes. 

If an employee elects maternity leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the College grants leave under the Massachusetts Maternity Law concurrently with leave granted under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  For more information please contact the Human Resources Department at extension 5598.

Enhanced Paid Leave For The Birth, Adoption Or Placement Of A Child In Foster Care

At the request of an employee, paid leave will be granted to him or her (whether the employee is the child's father or mother) on any of the following occasions:

  • for the birth of the employee's child;
  • for the employee's adoption of a child; and
  • for the placement of a child as a foster child in the employee's home.

This leave will not exceed 10 days.

The granting of this leave shall not limit any employee's entitlement to sick leave, but shall be taken, and shall run concurrently, with any leave then available as maternity leave or paternity leave, including any leave then available under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

An employee who requests leave under this policy must provide appropriate documentation of his/her need for such leave and give advance notice to his/her department head.