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Sabbatical Leave
Sabbatical leave may be granted to faculty members or professional librarians for the purpose of professional development.  Details and application procedures are specified in the MSCA agreement.

Voting Leave
A maximum of two hours of voting leave may be granted to employees whose work hours at the College would prevent them from getting to the polls while they are open.

Administrative Educational Leave
Administrators may be granted paid leave of absence in accordance with the policies of the Board for educational purposes, to attend conferences, seminars, briefing sessions or other functions of a similar nature that are intended to improve or upgrade the individual's skill or professional ability.  The administrator will not suffer any loss of benefits as a result of such leave.  Details may be found in the APA contract.


Unpaid Personal Leave

Employees may be granted unpaid personal leave, at the discretion of the President, to attend to personal or family business.

Professional Educational Leave

At the discretion of the President, employees may be granted unpaid professional or educational leave to pursue a course of study or to engage in other activities relating to professional development.  Details may be found in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or Board policy handbook.