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Attendance, Hours Of Work And Punctuality

All employees are expected to report to work on a regular and punctual basis.  The length of the work week is specified in collective bargaining agreements.

For administrators, librarians and classified employees, specific work hours are determined by managers and supervisors in each department in consultation with each employee.  Most administrative offices are required to be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.  Work schedules should be planned accordingly.  Faculty work hours are determined by class schedules and contract provisions.

In the event of an employee's absence or lateness in reporting to work, the following method, listed by different employee categories, should be used in notifying the College:

  • Administrators, Faculty and Classified Office Staff:  Attempt to contact your department head or immediate supervisor first, as early as possible.  If you cannot reach your supervisor, call the telephone operator and your message will be forwarded to your supervisor and to the Human Resources Department.
  • Facilities and Housing Maintenance Personnel:  Call your immediate supervisor as early as possible, at least one hour before the start of your shift.  If you cannot reach your supervisor, leave your message with the telephone operator or the dispatcher at the Public Safety Office who will log your call and forward the message to your supervisor and the Human Resources Department.
  • Office of Public Safety and Power Plant Personnel:  Call your supervisor as soon as possible and at least one hour before the start of your shift.  If you cannot reach your supervisor, and depending on the start of your shift, Power Plant personnel should leave their message with the dispatcher at the Public Safety Office or the telephone operator.  Public Safety Office personnel should leave the message with the dispatcher.

Remember, you must follow these procedures each day of your absence.  When extended leave has been prearranged with your supervisor, a daily call is not necessary, but would be reported on the weekly attendance sheet.  Failure to follow these procedures could result in being charged for an absence without pay.  Unexcused absences without pay may be grounds for discipline.

Weekly attendance sheets are submitted by department heads to the Human Resources Office on Friday.  Reporting is done on an exception basis only.