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Freedom Of Information Act

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts must comply with all applicable public information statutes. The Massachusetts Public Records (MPR) law provides that any person has a right of access to public records. This right of access includes the right to inspect, copy or have copies of records provided upon the payment of a reasonable fee.  Massachusetts General Laws broadly defines "public records" to include all documentary materials or data, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which are made or received by any officer or employee of any Massachusetts governmental entity.  Medical and personnel records are not "public records" and will not be disclosed in response to such a request.

Information Technology

The Department of Computer Support Services displays the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' Acceptable Use Policy, User Agreement, Software Policy and Netiquette Policy on its Tech Help (  All employees are responsible for fully adhering to these policies.  To receive a copy of these policies you may either print them from the Helpdesk Web site or obtain a hard copy from the Department of Computer Support Services.  The Telecommunications/Voice Mail Policy is maintained by the Department of Public Safety at extension 5284.

News Media And Public Relations Policy

No employee will give media interviews as a representative of the College without prior approval from the President of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  This policy will ensure that accurate information will be given for those matters that are appropriate for public knowledge.  An employee who is approached by a media person should refer him/her to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and External Relations at 413.662.5203.

Parking And I.D. Cards

All employees of the College must register their automobiles with the Department of Public Safety in order to receive a MCLA parking decal.  A valid state registration card, along with proper identification, must be presented at the time of registration.  Upon registration, a picture identification card will be issued.  The identification card may be used for accessing information technology services, the Fitness Center, Library and various memberships and discounts for Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees.
The College's parking decal should be placed on your automobile as directed. There are designated parking lots for Faculty, Staff and Administrators.  Any illegally parked vehicles on campus will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner's expense.  This rule is strictly enforced.  The Department of Public Safety may be reached at 413.662.5284.

Social Security Numbers

The College makes use of Social Security Numbers, as necessary.  Because it does, the College requires its students and its employees to make their Social Security Numbers known to it so that it can keep those records that are necessary for a number of official purposes. The disclosure of Social Security Numbers to the College for these purposes is, therefore, mandatory.  The College requires that you disclose your Social Security Numbers in accordance with the requirements of federal and state tax laws, certain laws that govern student financial aid, and its own various policies that it has adopted under provision of state law that govern institutions of higher education.

In certain circumstances, records disclosed to third parties (other government agencies or private service providers) contain Social Security Numbers as identifiers.  Tax records transmitted to the Internal Revenue Service, documents transmitted to insurers in connection with workers' compensation and other insurance claims, and documents transmitted to financial custodians in connection with pension benefits and withholdings are examples of this kind of disclosure.

The College treats every individual's Social Security Number as information that is personal and confidential. Every Social Security Number is kept, therefore, as a part of the College's confidential records and is only used in the manner described above.

Use Of College Logo

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts logo must be displayed on all printed materials generated by the College.  The College will be referred to as either "Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts" (not "the" Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) or "MCLA".  The College's logo and the use of its name as a part of or in connection with its logo are materials whose copyright the College owns.
Digital files of the College logo, and information on its use, may be obtained from the Graphics Office: 413.662.5395.