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Inclement Weather And Emergency Closing Policy

Travel Policy

In the event that the College is closed and classes and other scheduled activities are canceled due to inclement weather, all employees designated as "essential" or "snow day" personnel must report to work.  This includes the following personnel:  Power Plant personnel who must remain on the job until properly relieved by their normal shift replacements, security personnel, and some maintenance personnel, for clearing snow from the sidewalks and building entrances.
The Vice President for Administration and Finance advises the President of the following:  (1) storm conditions in the immediate area of the College; (2) the status of public transportation; (3) other private/public agency closings; and (4) the latest weather advisory.  The President then determines the necessity for closing the College.   The decision to close the campus will generally be made before 6:00 a.m. and will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and the following radio and television stations and posted on the MCLA web site:

Radio:  North Adams Area -  WNAW-AM  (1230), WMNB-FM (100.1); Pittsfield Area WBEC-AM (1420), WBEC-FM (105.5); Greenfield Area -  WHMP.AM (1240), WHAI-FM (98.3); Bennington, VT Area - WZEC-FM (97.5);

Television: Albany, NY Area - WNYT, Channel 13; WTEN, Channel 10; WRGB, Channel 6; Springfield Area - WGGB, Channel 40; WWLP, Channel 22;

Web: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Address:

Communicator NXT:  Broadcast to telephone and cell phone voice calls, cell phone text messages, voice-mail messages, and e-mail announcements.

The radio and television stations will provide the College's operational status as one of the following: (1) Delayed opening; (2) Closed for the day with evening classes cancelled; and (3) Mid-day closing with evening classes cancelled.

In addition to checking the web site for class cancellation information, students attending evening classes can also call the MCLA Cancellation Line which is extension 4399 for on-campus students, and 413.662.5299 if calling from off campus.  College employees should also call the MCLA Cancellation Line at 413.662.5299 to learn of the College's operational status for that day.

In the event that the College closes mid-day, all departments will be contacted by telephone with the closing information.  Should the College close due to inclement weather, all employees designated as "essential" or "snow day" personnel must report to work.

If adverse weather conditions develop during the day, Graduate and Continuing Education personnel, in conjunction with the President or Vice President, Administration and Finance, will determine if classes are cancelled.  This decision will generally be made prior to 2:30 p.m.

In instances of emergencies during the workday, such as power outages and/or fires, please exercise common sense.  Please do not use the elevators and, if the situation requires, evacuate the building in a safe, organized and timely manner. If you believe that you may need assistance evacuating the building in an emergency situation or during a drill, please contact the Director of Public Safety at extension 5284 immediately for instructions.

There may be occasions during inclement weather or other emergency situations when the College is open. If the College is open, all employees are expected to report to work or notify their appropriate area supervisor that they are requesting to use available leave.

Travel Policy

Employees who must travel on College business can use College vehicles when possible or lease vehicles through Enterprise.  If an employee must use his/her own vehicle for College business, reimbursement will be made at the Commonwealth's approved mileage rate (unless an applicable policy or collective bargaining agreement provides a higher rate of reimbursement).  Parking, hotel, meals and other expenses may also be paid by the College, depending upon the length, distance and nature of the trip.

All employees who travel on College business should complete a "Travel Requisition" form before traveling, even if no expense reimbursement is involved.  This substantiates the business nature of travel in the event of a Worker's Compensation Claim.  It also documents authorization to be absent for business purposes.

Reimbursement for expenses can only be made if the travel authorization form has been completed and fully approved proper receipts submitted.  Further details on travel reimbursement are specified in collective bargaining agreements.