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Workplace Safety

Emergencies on Campus

All serious (life-threatening) campus emergencies, whether civil or medical, should be reported immediately by dialing extension 5100.  You will reach the Department of Public Safety.  State your name, location and the nature of the emergency.  Stay on the line until the person called acknowledges the nature and details of the emergency.  Assistance will be sent as soon as possible.

The Right-to-Know Law

The Massachusetts Right-to-Know Law went into effect on September 26, 1984.  The law requires that all employers label hazardous substances and obtain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on those substances and that all employees who handle hazardous substances receive right-to-know training.

An employee has the right to request a copy of the MSDS on those substances used in the performance of his/her duties.  The MSDS lists the ingredients of the substance, potential hazards, physical characteristics and necessary precautions in using the substance.  MSDSs may be obtained from the Department of Facilities.

Safety Procedures

Job-Related Safety

The moving of office furniture is the responsibility of the Facilities Department.  Employees who need office furniture moved should contact that office directly at extension 5099.

Good "housekeeping" practices in offices and work areas eliminate many accident hazards.  Floor areas should be kept free of loose papers and miscellaneous objects which may cause falls.

Employees should use and maintain only equipment that they have been trained/authorized to operate.  An employee who needs to use unfamiliar equipment should obtain assistance from a supervisor or an employee who is experienced in operating and maintaining the equipment.

Employees should secure loose jewelry, clothing and hair before operating certain equipment since those items may become entangled and cause injuries.

Employees who must use materials that are potentially hazardous should learn what precautions to take before handling the material.  This information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which may be obtained from the Department of Facilities.

Objects should be lifted by bending the legs, not the back.  Employees should always ask for assistance with heavy items.

All injuries must be reported immediately after they occur to the immediate supervisor and Human Resources Department.

Personal Safety

Employees whose positions involve evening work hours may request a Campus Police escort when returning to their vehicles in the parking lot.

Since theft is a potential problem at all institutions, employees are advised not to leave personal items unattended and to lock their office areas when they leave them.

Missing items should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety at extension 5283.

Any unusual occurrences (disruptive behavior, safety hazards, traffic accidents, etc.) should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety or the Department of Facilities, whichever is appropriate.

Work-Related Injuries

All work-related injuries must be reported to the immediate supervisor and to the Human Resources Department on the day they occur.  The College is required to comply with strict time limits in reporting industrial accidents.  Therefore, all work-related injuries must be reported promptly.

The injured employee must complete an "Employee Accident Report" form and a "Medical Release" form.  The immediate supervisor must complete an "Internal Claims Investigation" form.

Worker's Compensation Insurance is provided by Human Resources Division - Worker's Compensation Section, for all employees.  Worker's Compensation Insurance pays for medical expenses associated with job-related injuries.  If you are unable to work due to such an injury for five days or more, Worker's Compensation also provides biweekly income for the period during which you are disabled.  Further details are available in the Human Resources Department.