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9/21/13 to 9/21/13 - Time: 4:00pm

This event has already occured, please visit our event calendar for current listings.

MCLA Presents! Spray Piece

Saturday, September 21st - 4pm
Spray Piece, Gallery 51

Nick and Jake Spray PaintMCLA Presents! steps into a double self-portrait steeped with the iconography of the American Dream with Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin's panorama of visual and perfoamtive art, A Marragie: 1 (Suburbia). Gallery 51's physical space will be transformed into a blend of perfomance art, video, sculpture, drawing, and sound, to create an immersive, mixed media installation that reveals the artists' experiences of their same-sex marriage and expresses their new standing as a normal American couple.

Join us for Nick and Jake's fourth performance in the residency for A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia). Nick and Jake will be performing thier Spray Piece in Gallery 51.


Admission: FREE

Event Website:

Location: Gallery 51

Contact Information: Jonathan Secor, 413-664-8718,