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CAGS 2014


Eligibility:  successful completion of MCLA's Leadership Academy

Dates:  July 10th-19th 2014 (MCLA Residency)



Option A:             For MCLA Leadership Academy graduates (including the                                  2013 Cohort) who seek CAGS only


                  Summer 2014            9 credits + activities fee*      Total cost = $3,600

Option B:              For MCLA Leadership Academy graduates (including the 2013                                   cohort) who also seek a Superintendent/Assistant License (SDL)

                  Summer 2014             9 credits + activities fee*                            $3,600

                  Fall 2014                      3 credits + program fee*                            $1,200  

                                                                                                            Total cost = $4,800

*Activities fees cover special events, travel, and most meals for students during the residencies.  However, housing is not included and students may choose to live on campus at a cost of approximately $90/night.

Please Note:
  • MCLA continues to work actively with the Massachusetts ESE to reflect all state licensure standards and regulations.  As such, requirements from the ESE may result in revisions to MCLA program requirements. 

  • MCLA reserves the right to unilaterally add, withdraw, or revise any course offerings of the above mentioned program of study including policies, requirements, and fees. 



Michelle Delisle