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Leadership Academy:  2013 Cohort

We hope your school year is off to a great start.  We recognizing all you are doing to balance job, family, course work, and field work.

This page is designed to provide program updates and resources.  Links to the right offer documents that will be useful as you navigate your field work.

Our goal is to provide an update the first week of each month.  Pasted below is text of these updates.  Please feel free to contact us as you have questions and feedback.


Jake and Dana


Monthly Updates:








For Leadership Academy 2013 Cohort:  July 11-20

CAGS Summer 2014 Updates



 "MCLA's Leadership Academy was a program that altered my conceptions of what educational leadership is and can become. Thought-provoking readings and assignments, collaborating with fellow educators from around the country, and learning through the arts allowed for critical conversations and deep reflection.
Exploring national educational issues and applying solutions in our own local schools made the Leadership Academy a relevant and powerful experience. It has shaped and helped me grow as a leader to find solutions in an increasingly complex and changing world."

- Brendan D. Sheran
Social Studies Dept.
Ap U.S. History and U.S. History II
Pittsfield High School
Pittsfield, Mass.