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Masters In Education

Instructional Technology (ITEC)

The Instructional Technology Program at MCLA is designed for educators who want to develop or expand their understandings of technology in education. The focus of the program is on the integration of technology into the curriculum. The program is appropriate for regular and special education classroom teachers, administrators, or curriculum directors.

Some program applicants plan to become instructional technology coordinators, integrations specialists, or district technology directors. Other applicants are interested in strengthening their ability to integrate technology into their content area classrooms.

Program Outcomes

Candidates for instructional technology licensure will be able to:

  • Integrate technology into the curriculum using active learning approaches such as inquiry learning and project-based instruction;
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in technology integration at the building or district level'
  • Evaluate uses of technology in educational settings;
  • Design instructional technology professional development tailored to participants' needs; and
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Massachusetts competencies for Instructional Technology teachers.


    All students seeking initial licensure in Instructional Technology are required to complete a 300 hour practicum or approved optional program.

    Program Options:

    1. Certificate in Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum (12 credits)
    2. Instructional Technology Licensure and Initial Certification (18 credits ITEC)
    3. Master's Degree with Initial Certification (33 credits: 15 credits EDUC core; 18 credits ITEC)
    4. Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) (33 credits: 15 credits EDUC core; 18 credits ITEC)

    For additional information, please access the Instructional Technology at MCLA Brochure. This brochure describes all Instructional Technology options at MCLA, including the Certificate in Instructional Technology, the IT Licensure Program, and the IT Concentration in the M.Ed. or CAGS programs.

    Please contact the Education Department at (413) 662-5381 or Chair, Susan Edgerton at