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This event has already occured, please visit our event calendar for current listings.

MCLA Gallery 51 - 100 Hours in the Woodshed IV

During the five days that follow, the galleries will be a flurry of collage of every sort: from paper and glue, to film and sound, if it can be cut apart, appropriated, moved around, and pieced together into a new form, it's bound to be happening in the "woodshed". Visitors are encouraged to stop by and watch the work in progress from 10am-6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Then, on Tuesday, January 29 join the artists for "100 hours in the Woodshed" for the opening reception for the fourth edition of the biennial collective. After "100 Hours", see and celebrate the completed work. There will be food and drink.

Useful info

100 Hours in the Woodshed - MEET THE ARTISTS
Thursday, January 24

100 Hours in the Woodshed - OPENING RECEPTION
Tuesday, January 29

Both event will take place at MCLA Gallery 51
51 Main Street
North Adams, MA

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