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The MCLA Student Handbook provides students with information on many facets of college life such as policies and procedures, community resources, organizations and services. This document is written for every student enrolled in one or more classes at MCLA.

Each year the College produces a new or revised Student Handbook to provide an up‑to‑date reference for students. Policies most relevant to students, whenever possible, are printed in full in this Handbook. However, due to limitations of space, many State and Federal laws as well as some College policies and procedures will only be referenced. Students are, therefore, encouraged to ask questions of appropriate offices before investing their time, money or good name in any activity about which they are in doubt. Changes or additions in College policies, which come about after this Student Handbook has been published, will be announced to the College community through such media as the student newspaper, The Beacon, and radio station, WJJW, 91.1 FM, FirstClass or

Since a major portion of this Handbook highlights rules and regulations which govern the living standards of the College community, students are responsible for familiarizing themselves thoroughly with the contents of this Handbook. It is our belief that the information in this Handbook, if read and utilized, will enhance the experiences available to students of the College.

No claim is made that this document covers all rules and regulations now in effect at MCLA.  Students are referred to the MCLA Catalog, Residential Programs & Services publications and other department policy documents for further information.

The Student Affairs Division Office is designed to provide administrative leadership, supervision and coordination for the Student Affairs Division (Residential Programs & Services, Athletics and Intramural Programs, Counseling Services, Health Services, Public Safety, Student Conduct, Student Development and Activities, Orientation, ALANA and International Student Services, Student Leadership Development, the First Year Experience Program, Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Center for Service and Citizenship, Susan B. Anthony Women's Center, Veterans' Services, and College Neighbors Programs).  In addition, the Student Affairs Division Office oversees contracted services programs such as the Dining Service and the Bookstore.

Important for students to know, this office also serves to ensure and protect all enrolled students right to participate in college life, in a community, which respects each student's dignity, safety, and basic human rights.  Any student who believes that these rights have been denied or that the atmosphere has been compromised by the actions of a particular student or MCLA employee is encouraged to discuss such concerns with the Student Affairs Division Office or any Student Affairs staff member. 

As a supplement to the information provided in the Student Handbook, the Student Affairs Division Office assists students who are unsure where to go for general assistance and/or answers to questions.  When in doubt about where to go for help, students are encouraged to start with the Student Affairs Division Office.