Business Major Aims for International Career


When business administration major Drasana Johnson ’17 of Watervliet, N.Y., envisions her future, she sees herself working somewhere out of her comfort zone, and in a challenging environment that offers the opportunity for advancement and adventure.

For Johnson, that means a career in international business.

“International business is something that attracted me because I’m always in the mood for something new, whether it’s a scenery, food, or even people,” she explained.

Johnson, who has studied French for about six years and can understand and hold a conversation in that language, looks forward to increasing her linguistic skills by adding Mandarin and Italian in anticipation of possible work for a company in China of Italy, or anywhere else those languages might be spoken.

Japan, too, is on the top of Johnson’s list of career possibilities, as she traveled there before starting school at MCLA, and visited family living in Tokyo, where her uncle worked as a business executive for Sony.

“It was amazing,” Johnson said. “Japan is a huge outlet for international business and commerce, so it is a contending factor on my career list.”

Thanks to a full, and sometimes heavy, credit load she has undertaken, Johnson – who came to MCLA as a second semester freshman with 18 college credits earned through her successful completion of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school – will be eligible to graduate in December.

Last fall marked the first semester that Johnson took more than 20 credits. “It was a little difficult, but I'm proud of myself. I definitely make sure my school work is done before I do any activities,” she said.

One of those activities is to serve as a tutor, which she became through MCLA’s Center for Student Success and Engagement (CSSE). She helps students who take the popular “Chemistry of CSI” class. Johnson also found time to participate in a clean-up effort last fall, when she helped clean the kitchen at the Berkshire Food Pantry, and bagged up groceries for local families in need.

As part of MCLA’s work study program, Johnson is an office assistant for sociology and business departments, where she is gaining office skills. “It's great,” she said of the experience.

In addition, Johnson was recognized by the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) with her induction into the organization.

Why did she decide to attend MCLA? Simply put, “It felt like home.”

 “It’s a small community, but you’re able to have big goals,” she said. “I'm more than proud of what I've accomplished here academically. My professors have been amazing. The entire business department has been a huge help in my success.”