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Amber Engelson 

Amber Engelson, Ph.D.

Director of the Writing Studio
Assistant Professor of English-Communications



Writing Associates


Rachel Belanger

I am an English major and Biology minor, and I love both subjects equally! When I'm not writing or taking care of my plants, I'm baking new bread recipes and gaming. My goal as an Associate is to help you grow as a writer. See you in the Studio!


erica-barretoErica Barreto

Hi there, I am Erica Barreto '18. I am an English/Communications, Creative Writing Major with a minor in Arts Management. I grew up in a bilingual household, and although I no longer speak fluent Portuguese, I've grown up with an impassioned curiosity for language and culture. I am a poet at heart, but I creatively express myself through all genres and mediums. I am a firm believer in workshopping, hoping one day I can facilitate workshops for a living and use writing as a powerful tool to incite change. That is why I am here to help you develop a stronger relationship with your writing, especially because writing is how you communicate yourself to the world around you. I look forward to working with you all!



Natalie Carpentier

Hello, I'm Natalie Carpentier. I am an English and Psychology double major with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am currently in my last semester at MCLA and am planning to graduate in December. In the future, I hope to either become a counseling psychologist, an English/psychology teacher, or behavior analyst. In the past, I mentored K-3rd graders and 7th graders with English homework, and even taught lessons on different aspects of English to them. I've always had a passion for reading, writing, and helping others, which is why I became a Writing Associate during my sophomore year and have stuck to it ever since. I hope to see you soon!



Katherine Duval

Hey, I'm Katherine! I am an English literature major, and my three major passions are reading, creative writing, and education. I also love to cook and hike. I am also a member of Spires, which has allowed me to have first-hand experience with other writers on the MCLA campus. Working with other writers is always an exciting opportunity, in my opinion, so I look forward to collaborating and brainstorming with other student writers in the Writing Studio. My goal as a Writing Associate is to help as many student writers realize their potential as I can, and help make the Writing Studio a warm and welcoming place for all. 


Jaclyn-ordwayJaclyn Ordway

I am an English major with a secondary education licensure and a history minor. In my spare time, I love to read just about anything, from fantasy to adventure novels. In addition to working as a Writing Associate, I am the president of the MCLA Book Club, one of the co-presidents of the Honors Student Representative Council, the president of the Commonwealth Honors Program Student Council, and I am a tutor on campus. In the future, I hope to become an English teacher because I love being able to help people understand something they previously thought was too hard or frustrating.


Adam SamsAdam Sams

Hi all! I’m a Business major with a minor in English. I like my dog, creative writing, folk/alt/pop music, movies, computers, and the outdoors. I dislike being allergic to cats, and also being afraid of starting essays. However, that’s why we exist! 



Brody Torres

Hi all! I am an English major with a double concentration in Literature and Creative Writing. Alongside being a writing associate, I am a student ambassador. I wish to be an English professor as well as a published poet in my future and I am here to make sure your essay is the best it can possibly be! I look forward to meeting you all.



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