Assessment Grants

Project Title: Assessment Driven Instruction and Learning

In 2009, MCLA was awarded $225,100 for three years by the Davis Educational Foundation. The grant allowed the college to accelerate progress on assessment and analysis of student learning in curricular and co-curricular programs. Over the course of the grant the institution provided stipends for faculty to review learning outcomes, develop curriculum maps and assessment plans, and for professional development activities designed to support assessment initiatives. The college has hired an Associate Dean for Assessment and Planning who helps guide and coordinate assessment efforts.

Project Title: Written Communication Assessment

In 2011 MCLA was awarded $12,000 under the Davis Educational Foundation Grant awarded to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for assessment experiments. The experiment brought together faculty from Berkshire Community College and MCLA to articulate goals for student writing at the sophomore/associates and senior levels of education. The experiment resulted in the development of rubrics for instruction that can be used by faculty and students to prepare for transfer and graduation.