CCOR CCOR is a program that fosters student discussions on race and ethnicity. Typically, a team of two trained students or a Staff Advisor facilitates discussions. The conversations use case studies as the starting point to engage the views of participants.

CCOR forums enable MCLA students to discuss one of the most critical issues we face in contemporary society - racial and ethnic prejudice and bigotry. It is paramount for students to gain an understanding of the perspectives and cultures that will soon be the new majority in our society. CCOR forums  formally and systematically address societal change and provide guidance on methods to explore and understand the underpinnings of race relations.

How CCOR Works

CCOR groups can either be students and staff who sign up, or participants can be members of a club, organization, or class. CCOR forums consist of a series of sessions that fit participants' schedules. Participants are expected to attend all sessions to enable group cohesiveness, continuity, and a more meaningful experience. During the final session, students evaluate their experience and formulate individual or group actions to positively affect race relations in their field of study or leisure pursuits.

Some professors may offer extra credit to students who participate. If this applies to you, tell the co-facilitators so they can confirm your participation at the end of the program.

Join the conversation!

Email Michael Obasohan to get involved. Include:

  • Your full name
  • Days and times that you can attend an information session