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The Inter-Greek Council

The Inter-Greek Council (IGC) aims to promote harmonious relations among the member fraternity and sorority groups, and act as the central governing body for member Greek letter organizations.  The IGC works to assure that fraternity and sorority groups follow appropriate standards, promote group development, create member education programs, and provide training on hazing prevention.  IGC member organizations provide opportunities for members to serve the community, cultivate leadership skills, be engaged in campus life, encourage academic excellence, and work to help members reach their potential and act as positive and productive members of the academic community.  Along with the privileges of being a recognized fraternity or sorority, comes a responsibility to adhere to all MCLA policies and appropriate behavioral standards.  Many of these policy and behavioral standards are listed in the Student Handbook. These policies and Commonwealth of Massachusetts and federal laws supersede the rules and procedures of fraternity and sorority chapters.  Fraternity and sorority chapters that are unable to operate within these policies and/or laws or adhere to guidelines will lose or be denied recognition as an IGC member organization at MCLA. Specific regulations regarding recruitment, expansion, and Greek system policies are established and administered by the College and the IGC. Membership in fraternities and sororities is limited students who are in good standing with the College, and first semester students are not eligible to participate.  Membership in and/or association with fraternities and sororities not affiliated with the IGC is strongly discouraged by the College. The only IGC affiliated fraternity and sorority organizations are listed here.

Fraternity:     Pi Upsilon Pi

Sorority:         Beta Lambda


Jazz Band

The Jazz Band provides performance experience in an instrumental jazz ensemble.  The Jazz Band performs instrumental and vocal arrangements from a variety of styles of the repertoire, including Latin jazz.  In addition to the full ensemble, combos of three to six players are also formed.  Each semester the Jazz Band offers a concert.



MASSPIRG Students is an independent statewide student organization that works on issues like environmental protection, consumer protection, and hunger and homelessness. For over 40 years students with their campus PIRG chapters have been making a real difference in peoples' lives and winning concrete changes to build a better world.

MASSPIRG gives students the skills and opportunity to practice effective citizenship. Both here on campus and out in the world, MASSPIRG mobilizes students to investigate big social problems, come up with practical solutions, convince the media and public to pay attention, and get decision-makers to act.

MASSPIRG chapters across the state pool resources and hire a staff to work with students on the issues that concern us as citizens. Each semester a $9 fee (which can be waived) for MASSPIRG is listed on the student bill. Students vote at least biennially to sustain or abandon the practice of listing the fee that can be waived.   


Spires is the College's student produced art and literary magazine. Published every spring under the auspices of the English/Communications Department, it contains original poetry, fiction, art, and photographs by MCLA students, faculty, and staff, with an emphasis on student's work.


Student Government Association