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Clubs and Organizations

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Looking to learn more about MCLA's Clubs and Organizations? Visit the Student Government Association Office located in the Campus Center Room 316 to find out more about the 51 opportunities to get involved. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:45 pm. During the academic year, the office is open nights and weekends (posted hours TBD). Email or call 413-662-5401 to speak to a representative about the many engaging experiences we have to offer. Student Government Association sponsors many of our clubs and organizations.

Here are the current clubs and organizations recognized by SGA:

Ski Club 
The purpose of Ski Club shall be to expand awareness and participation n winter sports and allow interested students to ski and snowboard or learn to ski or snowboard as an organized group.

Society of Physics Students FB  IG 
Promotes knowledge and enthusiasm for the physical sciences to aid in greater understanding of the natural world, to expose members to the practical applications of physics in the working world and to have fun. 

Student Activities Council (SAC) FB TW 
The Student Activities Council (SAC) of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' mission is to entertain the campus through performances, concerts, and any activities you can think of, including an event every Saturday night. We are run by students for students, and we welcome event suggestions from anyone! If you are interesting in running, planning, or attending fun events, SAC is the club for you!

Students for a Democratic Society  
The SDS club strives to call attention to injustices at MCLA and seeks to rectify them through democratic principles, activism, and education. 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy FB IG 
This club's purpose is to provide the MCLA community and the North Adams public with relevant and educational information about drugs and current drug policies. Its goal in doing so is to mobilize and empower young people to participate in the political process, push for sensible drug policies, and fight against harmful polices. In doing so, the club hopes to create a safer, more just society for everyone, paying special attention to those who re unfairly targeted by the war on drugs. 

Student Veterans Association 

This club's purpose is to assemble, unite and advocate for MCLA student verterans, in support of MCLA's strategic vision of excellence, while assisting veterans in acclimating to college and community living. To provide peer support, comradery, and promote awareness of veteran students within our campus community. 

T.V.G.C. (Tabletop Video Game Club) FB IG
The purpose of this club is to provide a place where people who like to play games of any kind can come and meet new people or bring friends to just have fun, try out new games, or play old favorites.

Television and Film Society 

The purpose of TFS is to encourage students  to apply what they have learned in the classroom as well as to discover more about what it means to develop a television show or film. It will allow them to utilize their creativity in a free space which will nurture independence and leadership, both beneficial for future experience and enjoyment. 

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