Dr. Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood


Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011

M.S. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008

M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School, 2006

B.A. Dickinson College, 2004


Courses Taught

PSYC 270: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 350: Personality Theories

PSYC 397: Research Seminar

PSYC 410: History of Psychology

PSYC 440: Counseling Methods

PSYC 495: Self Deception

PSYC 540: Psychology Internship

About Me

I am interested in career counseling, training therapists, and working with first generation college students. I am also active in my local Trout Unlimited Chapter and enjoy fly fishing.

Research/Creative Interests

My area of study is counseling psychology and college student mental health. I am currently working with students at MCLA on several research projects related to experiences with disclosing mental health problems in classrooms.


Wood, B. T., Bolner, O, & Gauthier, P. (2015). Student Mental Health Self-disclosures in Classrooms: perceptions and Implications.Psychology, Learning, and Teaching, 13, 2, 83-94. 

Arbour, M.W., Wood, B.T., Wika, J.C., & Walker, K.C. (Under Review). Personal Disclosure in Online Nursing Education. Submitted to Nursing Education Perspectives.

Wood, B. T., Baglione, J., & Thayer, G. (Under Review). Counseling in a 35-Minute Therapy Hour: College Counselor Perspectives.

Talks and Presentations

Wood, B. T. (2015). College Therapist Experiences with Shortened Session Lengths. Conference presentation at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association.

Wood, B. T. (2014). Challenges Faced When Teaching About Microaggressions. Conference presentation at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Conference for Teachers of Psychology.

Wood, B. T. (2013). Student Mental Health Self-Disclosures in Psychology Classrooms: Perceptions and Implications. Conference presentation at the International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Vancouver, B.C., July 25-27, 2013.