Dr. Guangzhi Huang

Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Guangzhi Huang
(413) 662-5516
94 Porter Street


PhD, SUNY at Buffalo, 2018

MA, St. Louis University, 2009

BA, Guangdong University of
Foreign Studies, 2006

Courses Taught

IDST 299: Intro to Urban Studies

IDST 360: Contemporary Chinese Urban Cultures

IDST 150: Intro to Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Studies

Research/Creative Interests

My research examines a racial formation within the context of China’s rapid urbanization and situates it within the global context of racial capitalism. Through investigating anti-African campaigns in Guangzhou, China, and the emerging racial discourse that legitimizes such campaigns, my research reveals a racial mode of production nationwide that caters to middle class elites who are attracted to what I term “imaginary white cultural spaces”.


Haugen, Heidi, & Guangzhi Huang, “Becoming Sanfei: The Irregularization of Foreign Migrants in China”, Critical Handbook on Irregular Migration, Edward Elgar (forthcoming in 2022)

Huang, Guangzhi, “Foreigner in China: Economic Transition and the Chinese State’s Vision of Immigration and Race”, Made in China, no. 2, 2021

Huang, Guangzhi, "Conflating Blackness and Rurality: Urban Politics and Social Control of Africans in Guangzhou, China" Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 19(2) 2020

“Cleaning up Guangzhou’s African enclave: A historical perspective.” Asia Dialogue, Aug 28, 2019. https://theasiadialogue.com/2019/08/28/cleaning-up-guangzhous-african-enclave-a-historical-perspective/

Huang, Guangzhi, “Policing the Blacks in Guangzhou: How Public Security Constructs Africans as Sanfei.”  Modern China, 45(2) 2019

Huang, Guangzhi, “Sanfei Blacks – How the Chinese State Constructs Africans as Dangerous Illegals.” The Long Struggle: Discourses on Human and Civil Rights in African and the Africa Diaspora. (Austin, Tx: Pan-African University Press, 2017).


“A Global City without Blacks: How Guangzhou Evicted African Traders in its Urban Development”, WHA 2019 Puerto Rico Conference, San Juan, Jun 2019

“Astute Planners: How Urban Villagers in Guangzhou Converted Their Neighborhood into an African Market”, IPHS 2018. Yokohama, Japan, Jul 2018

“’200,000 Blacks in Guangzhou’: News Media, Race, and State construction of Modern Urbanity.” MLA Convention 2018. New York, NY. Jan 2018

“Africans and Guangzhou's Gentrification: race, state and urban space.” 66th Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs (MCAA) Annual Meeting. University of Notre Dame. Sep 2017.

Media Coverage

Allen-Ebrahimian, Bethany, and Dave Lawler. "Complaints of racism mar China's global image",  Axios, Apr 15, 2020.  https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-racism-discrimination-africa-china-326de397-a3f9-4993-9c8b-1dd303b593db.html

Su, Alice.  "‘No blacks’: Evicted, harassed and targeted in China for their race amid coronavirus", Los Angeles Times, Apr 16, 2020.  https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-04-16/china-coronavirus-black-african-evictions

Office hours

Monday, Wednesday 1-3pm
or by appointment