Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

The certificate consists of five courses that are also required for MBA applicants. Students who complete the certificate will also be eligible to begin the MBA program as long as they meet the admission requirements.

"This certificate is appropriate for working professionals who may not be interested in pursuing the MBA, but for whom graduate certification in business would enhance their career potential," according to Dr. Nancy Ovitsky, MCLA business professor.

The program is designed to offer two classes a semester, but taking one class at a time. Classes will meet in person every other Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please contact Erinn Kennedy in the Division of Graduate & Continuing Education at 413-662-5422 or email dgce@mcla.edu  for details in regards to registering for the Fall term.             


Student and Professor working together Fall

            MBA 602    Management

            MBA 601    Economic Theory


            MBA 606    Statistics for Managers

            MBA 604    Marketing


             MBA 608    Accounting

(5 Courses Totaling 15 Credits)