Beta Lambda

Beta Lambda imageThe Beta Lambda Sorority was established on October 31st, 1975 by our seven founding sisters. Beta is the oldest and only affiliated sorority here at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. With hundreds of past and current sisters from every major, Beta Lambda is known on campus to be all-inclusive and accommodating to those who are interested.

Beta Lambda prides itself on countless volunteer and philanthropy opportunities- whether it be on campus or around the community. Throughout the last four decades, our dedicated sisters have taken part in the Community Day of Service and other numerous events held by the MCLA Volunteer Center. Starting in the Spring of 2019, Beta Lambda's yearly philanthropy will be working with the Berkshire Humane Society for their annual Humane Race.

Beta LambdaBeta Lambda at the Spring 2019 Community Day of Service
Southview Cemetery

The sorority also focuses heavily on academics; every sister is given designated library hours to study each week. There is also plenty of time for sisters to be involved on campus through other clubs and activities. Beta Lambda strives to be a friendly and accepting environment for our girls and anyone who is involved.

We the sisters of the Beta Lambda Sorority at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts hereby set forth this statement and will continue to uphold these ideas indefinitely: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the interests of individual sisters, to provide services of the community, and to ensure the future of Beta Lambda and its relationship with the college and the community.

Get in touch with us with questions and for more information, we'd love to meet you!